Welcome to Your Islam

This website has been designed to allow you to search for Jamaat times at Masjids in your city. On Your Islam you will find contact information for local Masjids as well as Jamaat times and Ramadan timetables.

Your Islam is currently being piloted in the Bristol area so only contains information about Masjids in this area. Further information about Your Islam can be found here.


How to Use?

Maps – Jamaat Times

Your Islam Maps allow you to view Masjids in your area. Click on a Masjid to view Jamaat times for today. You can also view satellite and street view images of your Masjid.

List – Jamaat Times

Your Islam List Jamaat Times allows you to view today’s Jamaat times for all Masjids in your area.


Your Islam Masjids provides you with a list of Masjids in your area. Click on a Masjid for Jamaat times and other useful information.